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Is It Time to Give Up Polyphasic Sleeping?


I’m feeling frustrated right now. I have been trying to sleep polyphasically for over three months and it’s just not happening. I’m constantly having problems; things getting in the way. Most recently – Mum going into hospital again.

Interruptions Are Such A Big Set Back

A few things spring to mind here. Every time something interrupts my schedule, I am basically back to square 1. Every time I start over, I try and go through a period of time where I force myself into the desired schedule and as a result, I’m incredibly tired and unproductive.

Day 101 – Staying With Mum Day 2 (4h 50m)


[05:22] I’m feeling very sleepy this morning and considering my involuntary sleep yesterday morning I’m going to put in 2 naps this morning before I leave to go to the hospital. I’m going to go easy on myself as long as I’m here at my mums as nothing is normal at the moment and I can’t do my normal things. I’d rather have extra naps and feel ok. I can work on taking out those extra naps next week.

Day 100 – Staying With Mum Day 1 (4h 50m)


[03:34] It’s not really a naptation any more. I should be on my final E3 schedule today and then stick to it religiously for 2 weeks but with my mum in the hospital that just isn’t going to happen. However, hospitals have set opening times so I can still make this work – I’ll just have to shift things around later.

Day 99 – Naptation Day 6 – Mum in Hospital (4h Total)


[07:02] 3 hours sleep yay! How did I feel when I woke up? Damn tired still! But I’m still adapting, I’m changing the times of all my sleeps every day so my body is having to constantly adapt. On day 101, I will be on my new final schedule and will finally be able to get some consistency and hopefully I’ll begin to wake up feeling more alert.

Day 98 – Naptation Day 5 (3h 55m Total)

[07:42] I cheated this morning. I didn’t mean to, but I do feel better for it. The alarm went off at 5:45am after a 2h 15m core sleep. This duration is a multiple of 45m so in theory it should be easier to wake from than say 2.5h. In that sense, in terms of the sleep inertia and groggyness, yes, it was a little better than yesterday.

Day 97 – Naptation Day 4 (4h Total)


[07:08] I think I’ve done one of my napcharts wrong, but my tired brain can’t figure out which one. In the early hours of this morning I decided to try and precisely plot out a sleep schedule for each of the next few days to transition to where I was at yesterday to my desired Everyman 3 schedule. (Update: I’ve figured it out, I was starting the day after the core sleep meaning that the core shown on the chart was from the day before! I’ve re-done the chart now so it basically starts from the core now.)

Day 96 – Naptation Day 3 (3h 50m Total)


[07:42] I’m not looking forward to tday. I’m still feeling incredibly tired after grabbing a 90m core at the end of yesterday. Today I will be taking off another 2 naps which means longer periods of 3h 40m awake. Right now just getting through the 6 minutes before the next nap feels excruciating.

[09:31] I didn’t actually make it through those six minutes – I fell asleep sitting up just at my desk whilst I was mid typing! I didn’t even finish the last word lol. I didn’t even know it was possible to involuntarily sleep in this way!

Day 95 – Naptation Day 2 (4.5h Total)


[08:22] The naps are definitely giving me REM sleep as I am remembering the dreams I am having from them. According to the Reddit post I am following, I may now be starting to feel a deprivation of Slow Wave Sleep buiding up. I’ve made a post in the Reddit & Facebook groups I am following for some advice.

Day 94 – Naptation Day 1 (5h 50m)


[08:35] I’ve had my first nap but it was not great; I woke up part way through with a violent coughing fit! But I just closed my eyes again and went back to sleep. I’m still feeling very tired.

It’s now feeling properly like a new day – sort of. A new day with no rest. You know how you usually start the day of feeling recharged and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you? Well, I just feel like I have been up for 21.5 hours…

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